Sunday 30 December 2012


      No, not me but, my website. Although I was thinking of buying a couple of new shirts in the sales.

A little while back the nice people at Irish Eyes Poker offered to set me up with a new website to coincide with the launch of their own new poker platform. The idea behind their new site is basically that you can play on half a dozen different poker sites, with more to be added, using the same central cashier to move money around between the different sites. Instead of earning player points on different sites, player rewards are all centralised on Irish Eyes. The site can also be used for live and online casino play and sports betting, with Irish Snooker legend Ken Doherty to provide betting tips. It also includes something called Binary Options which allows you to bet on currency movements and stuff like that.

My website will continue to keep you informed of all the major poker events scheduled to happen in Ireland with a new feature where you can click on links to take you straight to the organisers website or to the right page on IPB, for more comprehensive details of the event. I hope it continues to be a useful tool for players planning to play poker tournaments in Ireland.

On a sadder note, an old friend of mine, Mick Hamilton, passed away just before Christmas. Mick was born in London and went on to live a very interesting life, much of it on the outer edges of normal society. One thing for sure, he had plenty of interesting stories to tell. He spent a good few years playing high stakes cash games in London before the big Hold'em boom. In his day the big game was Pot Limit 7 Card Stud. In later years, Mick and I travelled to various places around Europe and he also loved coming to Ireland to play some of the Poker Festivals here, where he met many of the Irish players and organisers.  May he rest in peace.

Mick and me in happier times in Tramore, Co. Waterford. Pic by Paul Smallwood.

Finally, may I wish everyone a happy and prosperous Poker New Year.